FM18 Pure Home Ritual Scented Candle For Her ~ Inspired by Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle


Your scented ritual at home & an appealing decoration for any interior.

A treat for your home and a beautiful gift for a loved one.

Our high-quality Home Ritual Fragrance Candles use hydro-refined paraffin and a wick that meet strict requirements of the German RAL standard in terms of:

• scent intensity,

• optimal burn-up behaviour,

• wick quality – a strong cotton wick of suitable thickness, resistant to breaking and drowning,

• minimal smouldering, which does not pollute the airways,

• reduced soot, which ensures the candle looks beautiful when used.

Candle burn time: between 35 and 40 hours!

INDULGE IN AN AROMATIC EXPERIENCE – with the Home Ritual Fragrance Candle that will fill your rooms with amazing scent!

This 150g luxury fragrance candle is inspired by the best-selling PURE PARFUM 18.

If you like Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle you will love this!

It is an enchanting combination of energetic citrusy tones with sensual wood notes.

A balanced fragrance composition introduces to your interior classy and elegant ambience.


→ Ingredients: Fragrance composition, paraffin


What are FM Fragrances?

FM offer a range of over 150 high quality, long lasting perfumes and aftershaves that are a much cheaper than high street brands, helping you SAVE money on the fragrances you know and love.

FM perfumes come from a factory in Munich, Germany, who are market leaders, with a share of over 80%, which makes them the largest perfume developers and producers in the world.

These fragrance alternatives are made up of similar fragrance notes at a fraction of the cost.

FM Perfumes design their own bottle and packaging and give their new fragrance a number i.e., FM20.  Both the Designer and FM20 oil are from the same fragrance oil families.

FM have their own packaging and use amazingly simple bottles. They do not use celebrities to endorse their products or spend ££ on advertising, through direct selling this is how we are able to offer fantastic prices at a fraction of the cost!

FM use 20% PURE oil to be classified as an Eau De Parfum designers use around 16% oil.

Essentially you are getting a higher quality fragrance for a fraction of the price.


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