Work from home opportunity

The 3 main ways you get paid

Instant retail profit
Instant retail profit

Earn points with every sale
Earn points with every sale

Plus bonus
Plus bonus

Work around yourself

There are no pressures or targets here you work for yourself and get out what you put in. Suitable for any lifestyle, whether you work full, part time, stay at home parent, student or a business owner this can work for you.

Gain new friends & increase your confidence

Our teams are full of incredible, independent and lovely people. You will never feel alone and no question is too big or small to ask anyone. We pride ourselves in having a no-negativity environment & anyone is welcome!

Getting Paid

Instant retail profit on any product you sell. We sell perfumes & aftershaves inspired by the top name brands, make-up, slimming products, home fragrances and much more.

All products you sell come with points which are added up throughout the month and turn into extra commissions. You basically get paid twice on everything you sell.


  • 1-1 Support from me
  • WhatsApp Support Group
  • Facebook Support Group

No upfront costs, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you have any questions before signing up please do not hesitate to contact me –

Lots of Love

Fiona xxx

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