Aftercare advice

It is recommended you have your Hair Extensions fitted professionally.

Extension hair, although human is dead hair and needs revitalising with specialist products to ensure the hair looks and feels silky. It is vital to use aftercare products designed for hair extensions as they are lightweight and are formulated for use on hair extensions. Products for natural hair contain silicone coatings and oils which are too heavy for hair extensions and will destroy the appearance of your extensions making them look fluffed up or bushy in appearance and break down the bonds.

Brushing – using a hairbrush brush designed for hair extensions gently start at the bottom of your hair extensions working your way upwards to tease out any tangles holding the roots of your hair to avoid excessive tugging.

Shampooing – Brush your hair first,  wash your hair gently in a smoothing motion rather than scrubbing to avoid tangling and matting the hair.

Conditioning – Keep conditioner away from your bonds to avoid slippage and weakening of the bonds, tie your extensions in a low ponytail and use your bobble as a guideline, smooth conditioner on your hair below the bobble. Use a weekly intensive conditioner to give the extensions the nutrients it requires to continue looking healthy.

Protein Spray – Spray daily onto wet or dry hair to ensure your hair extensions receive daily nutrients, also a great de-tangle.

Drying your hair extensions – Do not leave your extensions to dry naturally as the moisture will soften your bonds causing them to slip and shed, it will also create a fluffing up look. Heat seals the cuticles on the extensions giving them a sleeker look. Do not rub hair with a towel, squeeze the water out and pat dry with towel. Dry on a low heart setting in a downwards motion.

Always use a heat protection every time you apply heat to your extensions.

Do not get heat, wax, oils, serums or conditioner near the bonds.

Plait dry hair loosely at night.

Do not colour, perm or tint extensions.

When swimming coat the extensions hair with a mixture of water and conditioner and tie your hair back.

Maintenance – maintenance on your hair extensions should be carried out every 8 to 10 weeks for the health of your natural hair and to keep your hair extensions looking their best.

Do not pick at your bonds and have them removed by a professional.